We are the proudly SOUTH AFRICAN Outdoor Recreation Club that is concerned about slowing down the great global indoor migration the world is presently experiencing. We understand that for this reason, we need to get back to nature on a regular basis and sit around the same fire as our ancestors did and allow our body clocks to reset. We are more interested in developing long-lasting friendships and not whether your personal preference of camping convenience is a motorhome, caravan, tent trailer, teardrop, or tent.

Granted these are all acceptable forms of where you choose to lay your weary head at night, but what is more important for us at Trekkers is that you share similar interests, likes and dislikes.

The fact that you enjoy getting together and participating in different activities. The fact that sometimes you just want to sit back and chill. The fact that you don't always enjoy being chased around by whistleblowing marshalls and expected to conform to someone else's idea of an enjoyable camping experience. The fact that the safe and secure resorts we utilize will enable your children to play like we used to play in our youth. Remember those great days?

As you can see TREKKERS is here for you. Make TREKKERS your Club of choice. Spread the word that TREKKERS is the Outdoor Recreation Club that respects the fact that you are unique and that you want to unwind without any unnecessary pressure, in a safe environment, where you do have choices.

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Present Status

The Club currently consists of 11 Laagers (smaller groups) situated in four of the five Provincial regions, namely Gauteng, the Free State, the Western, and the Eastern Cape. The Laager in Kwa-Zulu Natal has, membership-wise, recently fallen on difficult times and had to be liquidated as in accordance with our Constitution. We are very committed to re-establishing this group and would be very appreciative of any interested campers residing in this Province, contacting us at your earliest convenience to assist us in changing the status quo.

These Laagers outspan on a monthly basis over weekends. The majority of the members are presently caravan owners, with a spattering of camping trailers,  a smaller group of tent users (both rooftop and conventional), a few motorhomes and even a Teardrop. However, the use of any formal commercially recognised camping structure or style is welcome. Remember, we are an Outdoor Recreational Club, and the fact that - "The size of your rig no longer dictates the size of your adventure"

Welcome to our very own NEC top 6.

With no aces up our sleeve, NEC stands for Newly Elected Committee and more specifically the requirement of our Constitution that in the formation of a new Laager, a minimum of 6 ordinary members are required.

It is a well known fact that our President Benny Pietersen and his wife Desiree are very passionate about the youth and growing Trekkers. The dream Benny had in 2017 of establishing a new Laager with young families in mind, needed to become a reality.

We are therefore very proud to announce that subsequently, Laager 15 was inaugurated on the 8th of May 2021 at the De Hollandsche Molen Resort in the Western Cape.

We are extremely proud of all the role players that made this great achievement a reality and totally blown away by the support of the many Laager 21 members, that attended this auspicious occasion.

May Laager 15 go forward from strength to strength, holding the Trekkers banner high, encouraging the increase of their membership and the number of Laagers in every Province in the Country to ensure that more and more Trekkers members can enjoy the great outdoors on a regular basis, benefit from belonging to a National Club and enhancing their circle of friends.  


The official NAGM 2021 invitation has been posted and I am convinced, (don't disappoint me now), you have already received your personal version thereof from your  Laager Secretary. Just to summarise. The NAGM this year, if Covidly possible, will be hosted by Laagers 4,11 and 13. The dates are 1 to 3 October 2021 inclusively and the chosen venue being the Bush Inn resort situated in Strubensvale, Springs, Gauteng. Please contact your secretaries for all the important details you require to help us make this NAGM the best one eveeeeeer. 


Fellow TORC members, I trust that you are taking the necessary precautions as requested by the State President and cabinet members.

It has come to my attention that various park owners and managers have taken individual decisions regarding access to their parks.

I humbly request that you act responsibly in this regard ensuring that all remain healthy and that everyone will do their bit to help curb the spread of COVID 19.

I am certain that once this national disaster is over we will continue to enjoy camping and the joys of being in the great outdoors.

During this period of “self-isolation” take care of yourselves, and use this opportunity to enhance your family relationships and concern for one another or even update and fine-tune your culinary expertise by exploring the web and catching up on new cuisine possibilities which can be tested and tasted at future outspans.

This is your time, use it wisely. Stay positive. We will get through this and be stronger in our resolve to be the change you want to see in the world.


Benjamin Pietersen

Aims and Vision of the Club

1.  To promote outdoor living by means of camping, caravanning and allied activities.

2.  To comply strictly with and encourage education of all laws and regulations governing conservation, anti-pollution and the ecology of South Africa, thereby protecting and promoting its national beauty, historic sites, game and nature reserves.

3.  To encourage and form close liaisons with other clubs and organizations, both locally and internationally, which have similar aims.

Our vision is to increase the membership and number of Laagers in every province in the country to ensure that more and more Trekkers members can enjoy the great outdoors on a regular basis, benefit from belonging to a National Club and to enhance their circle of friends.

Trekkers Laagers have a more relaxed atmosphere than most other clubs, keeping formal activities to a minimum. Membership of each Laager is limited to a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 100 ordinary members. The norm, however, varies between 6 and 25 families. This encourages friendship to develop amongst all the members of a laager, and prevents spreading members so far apart in a camp that families do not meet many of the other members of their club. Additionally, keeping membership small allows Laagers to go to smaller, and often more interesting venues on occasions.  

Camps are held one weekend a month, usually with the exception of December, which is generally left off the calendar due to family Christmas holidays. Activities may be planned for a weekend camp, but are never compulsory. We do not believe in bells, whistles, or P.A. announcements that disrupt your leisure time, nor do we wear any uniform, although most laagers do have some personalised clothing. Generally, the only formal event at any camp is the monthly meeting or "Indaba". Most Laagers hold this on the Sunday morning, and the agenda is mainly around plans for future camps. Additionally "misdemeanors" occurring during the current camp are highlighted. This often results in much hilarity, a token fine, and sometimes a floating award!  The individual Laagers have all developed their own traditions in this regard over the years.

In true South African fashion a communal Braai is a common event at camps, and a common Trekkers winter tradition is the Friday Night Soup Potjie, where members bring (preferably) home-made soup, which is all mixed and reheated in a large pot and produces some of the tastiest, most warming food imaginable.

In the larger regions of Gauteng, Western Cape and Eastern Cape the various Laagers normally have a regional combined Outspan once a year. The itineraries for these combined meetings usually involve a fun games afternoon for the young of all ages, and often a dance or similar function during one of the evenings.

The Club holds a National Annual General Meeting, which is an Outspan hosted on a rotational basis by each of the regions. All members are invited to attend, and the members of the hosting Province go out of their way to make all welcome. Although one of the primary reasons for holding the NAGM is for the election of the National Committee many of those that attend go purely to renew old friendships, forged at earlier Nationals. The NAGM usually takes place during the September school holidays giving members with families the opportunity to attend. Members, who are able, often make use of the opportunity to do a tour to and/or from a NAGM, to enjoy even more of our beautiful country.

The camaraderie that the club generates leads to other unofficial tours and activities. For instance, in 2007 members of Laager 3 and other non-member friends took a three-night canoeing trip on the Orange River covering about 75km downriver from Vioolsdrif. A three-week camping tour in Namibia was also enjoyed in 2009.

There are other benefits that membership of an outdoor recreation club bestows on its membership. Trekkers has always tried to pass on any financial advantages directly to its membership, the most obvious one being reduced caravan park fees offered for block bookings, which are passed on directly to those at any camp where a discount is offered, as opposed to being absorbed into the club.

Of course and not to be overlooked in these challenging times we find ourselves, the safety and security of you and your loved ones are also addressed in the affirmation that there is more safety in numbers.

If you feel that you would be interested in learning more about Trekkers in your Region, please use the CONTACT button to source the way forward and your specific regions contact details. Use of the OUTSPANS button will share with you where the various Laagers are outspanning next in your area.


The Trekkers Outdoor Recreation Club owes its origin to a small group of campers in Natal who in 1975 were fed up with the division between the Caravan and Camping Clubs, which at that time did not allow for mixing of the various camping styles within their ranks. The group held their first camp at Peatties Lake (which is now under the waters of Albert Falls Dam).

One of the founders approached the Trek Petroleum Company with a request to use the company's "quagga" emblem as the Club logo, and for sponsorship. Both requests being granted. The Club's name was derived from this association with Trek Petroleum, and from the Voortrekkers who were the original towers of their "homes on wheels" in this country. Continuing the Trekker theme the individual sections of the Club become known as "Laagers" and camps as "Outspans". The Club emblem was changed to the current "Quagga in a Spoked Wheel" when the Trek sponsorship was later reduced.

The Trekkers Outdoor Recreation Club was constituted officially in June 1976, after the Inaugural Meeting held at Clanstal Caravan Park.

By January 1979, seven Laagers had been formed, one each in Natal, Border Region, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, The Vaal Triangle, and The Free State. Over the period from 1979 to the present, a further 14 Laagers were formed, some disbanded, and in one case re-formed. Currently, 11 Laagers are operational, one in the Free State, three in Gauteng, four in the Western Cape, and three in the Eastern Cape. The membership strength of the club is counted in family units. All paid-up adult members have an individual vote. We also have some single members, each of whom is classified as a voting member in his or her own right.



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