L3 - Mountain Breeze

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Mountain Breeze Resort, Stellenbosch is a wonderful campsite with lots of pine trees for shade. The plots are level and no grass due to the trees but not a problem unless it really rains. There is a lovely swimming pool for the summer. The ablutions are neat, clean and have a constant supply of hot water and hand soap and sanitizer. Campers must supply their own toilet paper. All campers enjoyed this camp, just a pity the present owners lease is expiring end of June 2021. We just have to wait to see what happens to the present campsite
Author Trekkers Outdoor Recreation Club
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L3 - Fish Eagle, Hermon

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Fish Eagle is a lovely camp site on a working farm. It is a wonderful campsite to form a laager and has lovely grass, no need for a groundsheet and sufficient have braai drums. There is a small swimming pool and the river for fishing. The ablutions were neat, clean and have a constant supply of hot water, toilet paper and hand soap and sanitizer. All members rated this camp as being one we will come back to soon.
Author Trekkers Outdoor Recreation Club
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L8 - Chapman's Peak Caravan Park 28th May 2021

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Chapman's Peak Caravan Park 28th May 2021 (AGM)Friday was a pleasant day although rain had been predicted, I was pleased to find Dawn andBrian were set up on the right hand side, as Rhia had warned me at reception, that a crowd wasexpected on the Left. Poor Leslie and Marieta had set up without chatting to Rhia and they wereon the left and had to move. Not that easy once everything is unpacked and settled.
Author Trekkers Outdoor Recreation Club
Impressions 94923

L21 - Ou Skip 21-23 May

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Friday dawned with the threat of rain, but once again we were blessed with wonderful weather for our AGM weekend. During the course of the day the families trickled in and by Friday evening the campfires were lit, and everyone gathered around and chatted into the early hours. On Saturday morning, some members opted for breakfast in the town, while Gen and her merry band of helpers started to prep for the evening meal.
Author Trekkers Outdoor Recreation Club
Impressions 169752

L15 - Inaugural Newsletter May 2021

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After much preparation and deliberation, the Inaugural outspan of Laager 15 finally made it to the realization of many outspans that will be held in the future. As mentioned previously, this was a vision come true and well supported by all who attended. Our very first outspan was notably held at De Hollandsche Molen, one of our most favorite parks in the Western Cape and highly recommended.
Author Trekkers Outdoor Recreation Club
Impressions 199748

L21 - KAMBATI CAMP 19th – 21st Mar 2021

Club | News
Some of the Laager members decided to have an extra long weekend and arrived at Kambati on Thursday. Friday morning saw the rest of the members arriving and by the evening everyone had arrived to enjoy a lekka gesels around the fire with much laughter. Saturday morning found everyone trying to guess the mystery activity we had planned. At 2pm everyone gathered and was told they would be making a kite. Everyone became excited, like kids again, as no one had built a kite since childhood. Everybody had lots of fun making the kites and especially trying to fly them. Poor Lesley was made to run up and down by Leighton to try and get the kite to fly. Unfortunately, as per the Premier Log, John’s Liverpool kite did not feature at all and Robbie’s Manchester United kite took flight and stayed ahead. Sunday evening being an extra night, we had snacks which everyone enjoyed and a wonderful time around the fire again
Author Trekkers Outdoor Recreation Club
Impressions 134863
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Product News

Gravelroader - 4 Sleeper

Category: Bush Lapa  | Author: Trekkers Outdoor Recreation Club

Bush Lapa Gravel Roader - 4 Sleeper inside bathroom


  • Dry Weight - as per standard features (incl water tank, sparewheel, Solar panels & batteries) 1740kg
  • Total Length 5980mm
  • Total Height to roof top 2625mm
  • Total Height to top of aircon frame (depending on tyre size) 2910mm
  • Head room inside 1960mm
  • Total Width (excl Bush Wing) 2050mm
  • Ground Clearance (axle)  400mm
  • Departure angle  22°
  • Independent rubberride axle (Tandem)   2500kg each
  • GVM 2200kg
  • Loading Capacity 460kg
  • Queen bed (2020mm x 1750mm) 1x
  • Single beds (bottom bunk converts to table with two seats) 2x
  • Sleeps  4 Adults
  • 3CR12 Stainless Steel Body and Chassis   
  • Aluminium interior and doors   
  • Micro Dotted (also known as Data Dot) as per law specs.   
  • 1 Year Guarantee (ex factory) on material and workmanship, other items as per manufacturer's guarantees   

Standard Features

  • Bush Wing 90° x 90° 1 x
  • Sides for Bush Wing incl draft skirt (full set)
  • Kitchen with stainless steel working table1 x
  • 15" Wheels, 6 stud, steel epoxy rims5 x
  • Wheel spanner, spare wheel (under chassis)1 x
  • Stabilizers4 x
  • Cupboards for clothes with canvassing & zips
  • Mattresses1 x Q, 2 x S
  • Bathroom (Shower, Toilet, Wash basin inside)1 x
  • Inside floor carpet1 x
  • Heavy duty jockey wheel1 x
  • Jockey wheel out of the way bracket1 x
  • Deep cycle batteries (105 A/h) with cover boxes2 x
  • Roof mounted 160W Solar panel and roof rack with Victron MPPT 75/15A1 x
  • Roof LED light3 x
  • LED Lights (kitchen, bed, entrance door,  nosebox, rear storage, & gas compartment)14 x
  • Outside DUAL Touch LED Lights4 x
  • Hella points 12V output4 x
  • Anderson Fridge points 12V 50A 1 x
  • 220V plug (3 point) outside at kitchen3 x
  • 220V plug (2 point) inside (built in breaker)1 x
  • 220V plug (3 point) inside (built in breaker)1 x
  • 220V plug (3point, 2point, USB) inside kitchen1 x
  • 220V plug (3point, 2point, USB) inside by Queen bed1 x
  • 220V Victron Blue Smart IP65 charger 12V/15A, monitor and Bush Lapa power panel with USB plugs1 x
  • Charging system from vehicle (Anderson plug on A-frame)1 x
  • 220V Caravan extension lead for mains 10m1 x
  • Mudflaps2 x
  • Crockery set in foam holder (for six)1x
  • Fire extinguisher 1 x
  • Double wash basin (removable)1 x
  • Heavy duty aluminium kitchen drawer system 1 x
  • Dometic 2 Burner gas stove1 x
  • Gasbottle brackets 2 x
  • 150 Litre stainless steel watertank with automatic pump, filler cap, tap and drain plug1 x
  • Waterlevel meter1 x
  • Hansen GE3 Geyser - Gas/Electrical - 14L1 x
  • Hot and cold water taps on rear for wash basins1 x each
  • Transport included to Bush Lapa certified dealers  (7 working days extra from factory completion date)1 x

Optional Extra's

  • National Luna 90L incl 5x baskets (220V/12V)
  • Snomaster 81.5L incl baskets (220V/12V)
  • Bearing kit 
  • Mag Wheels 15'' or 16''Price on request
  • Extra LED lights (small 6 LED inside)
  • Extra LED lights (Dual touch outside)
  • Upgrade to 2 x AGM battery 140 A/h and 220V Victron Blue Smart IP22 charger 12V/30A
  • Additional Roof mounted 160W Solar panel and roof rack and upgrade to MPPT 100/30A
  • CTEK DUAL Charger D250SA (Option to remove Victron MPPT 75/15A)
  • CTEK 12V Smartpass for D250 Dual Ctek
  • Gasbottles 5kg (filled)
  • Extend standard wash basin with dryrack
  • Mirror inside at basin
  • 1200mm x 600mm Loose standing aluminium table (with fold in legs in PVC bag)
  • Table strap only
  • PVC Stoneprotector  
  • Mosquito net in door
  • Eggbox mattress upgrade
  • Memory foam mattress upgrade
  • Gel memory foam mattress upgrade
  • Windshield for gasstove (loose standing) 
  • Jerry can holder
  • Jerry can (Green)
  • Bush Lapa Bottle opener 
  • Anti-theft coupler lock
  • Axe with bracket
  • Spade with bracket
  • Engraved glass crockery set with foam holder
  • Black stonechip front 
  • Bush Wing awning 90° x 180° including sides and draft skirts - Rear 
  • Install clients inverter 
  • Inverter options available Price on request
  • Dometic Aircon Fresh Jet 2200 (7500 Btu) Price on request
  • Custom canvas bags on request. Price on request
  • Window blinds options Price on request
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