Laager 18 Rendezvous 2020

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Laager 18 Rendezvous 2020

Hosts – Waters Family

Good Day Fellow Campers

After a very eventful 2019, we kicked 2020 off at Rendezvous with good attendance from our members.

As usual, the Ramsay’s were first to arrive. Being on pension has its privileges. For the rest of us it is no work, no pay. We arrived in drips and drabs, but full of energy. Lindsey arrived last, but made sure everyone saw her coming. She pulled Vinni (her new van) in there with a hoot and a bounce. Lindsey made sure there are no shortage of poled and brought enough to put up 7 tents. In true Laager style, everyone assisted in sorting out poles and putting up the tent.

The Zimmerman’s made sure we had some visitors and it was great to see Shaun, Madelein and the girls again. Looking forward to many more outspans with them in 2020.
After the fire was lit, we all arranged ourselves around the braai. This was short lived as the rain chased us to take shelter under the boma. The rest of Friday night we had a festive time under the boma and shared some holiday stories.

Saturday greeted us with perfect weather and the guys went fishing while the rest enjoyed the beach. Tim was the only one to catch a fish and kept the fishing award. In the afternoon the guys played some old fashioned jukskei and the women enjoyed a game or two of rummikup. Adrian had a proud moment beating David in Jukskei. The kids made good use of the pool and had lots of laughs.

In the afternoon, it was time for the Friends Family to officially christen Vinni. With glasses raised, the champagne pored over the towage. Congratulations Lindsey. Adrian supplied some fire wood and after supper, most gathered around the fire to play some camping games till early morning hours. Charlie forgot the rhyme a little bit, but his better half was there to assist. Go Charlie. Zimmy’s “other” friend Jimmy made his appearance and Lindsey and her phone were very entertaining around the fire – say no more.

Sunday was a slow wake up for all. The Indaba horn soon filled the air and all gathered under the trees, trying to miss the spitting bugs. Camps for the next 3 months were discussed and a date and venue set for the AGM. Georgie spoiled everyone with ice cream during the Saturday heat and earned the Strawberry Award. Karen is once again the “proud” recipient of the Pineapple Award and Zimmy took the wooden spoon from Lindsey for stirring during the Jukskei game. The Jakkals were very busy and the fines box got a healthy cash contribution from all. The visitors were lucky enough to take the winning raffle ticket and walked away with a basket full of goodies. Connor won the kiddies raffle with a big smile on his face. Well done.

After Indaba everyone enjoyed some very nice watermelon that Zimmy supplied. It was once again a lovely camping weekend at Rendezvous with all seasons in the weekend. Everyone slowly started packing up and Gillian was the first to leave – speedometer award again.


David & Glynis Bowker - 149
Charles & Karen Ramsay - 54
Anna-Maria Collins - 49
Tim & Sandra Waters - 43
Adrian & Belinda Woodstock - 40
Gillian Bezuidenhout - 23
Zimmy & Georgie Zimmerman - 22
Peta Ramsay - 12
Warren & Alexa Powell - 11
Sandi & Astrid Bessler - 9
Lindsay Friend - 6
Madeleine & Shaun (visitors) - 2


PLACE              DATE           HOST

Glen Muir        14 – 16    Feb Bowker Family
Trennerys       27 – 29    March Friend Family
Yellow Sands   17 – 19    April Committee (AGM)

taken by Tim

Bella getting pampered

Thanks to everyone for a very enjoyable camp.

Tim & Sandra Waters

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L3 - Fish Eagle, Hermon

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Fish Eagle is a lovely camp site on a working farm. It is a wonderful campsite to form a laager and has lovely grass, no need for a groundsheet and sufficient have braai drums. There is a small swimming pool and the river for fishing. The ablutions were neat, clean and have a constant supply of hot water, toilet paper and hand soap and sanitizer. All members rated this camp as being one we will come back to soon.
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L8 - Chapman's Peak Caravan Park 28th May 2021

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Chapman's Peak Caravan Park 28th May 2021 (AGM)Friday was a pleasant day although rain had been predicted, I was pleased to find Dawn andBrian were set up on the right hand side, as Rhia had warned me at reception, that a crowd wasexpected on the Left. Poor Leslie and Marieta had set up without chatting to Rhia and they wereon the left and had to move. Not that easy once everything is unpacked and settled.
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L21 - Ou Skip 21-23 May

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Friday dawned with the threat of rain, but once again we were blessed with wonderful weather for our AGM weekend. During the course of the day the families trickled in and by Friday evening the campfires were lit, and everyone gathered around and chatted into the early hours. On Saturday morning, some members opted for breakfast in the town, while Gen and her merry band of helpers started to prep for the evening meal.
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L15 - Inaugural Newsletter May 2021

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After much preparation and deliberation, the Inaugural outspan of Laager 15 finally made it to the realization of many outspans that will be held in the future. As mentioned previously, this was a vision come true and well supported by all who attended. Our very first outspan was notably held at De Hollandsche Molen, one of our most favorite parks in the Western Cape and highly recommended.
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L21 - KAMBATI CAMP 19th – 21st Mar 2021

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Some of the Laager members decided to have an extra long weekend and arrived at Kambati on Thursday. Friday morning saw the rest of the members arriving and by the evening everyone had arrived to enjoy a lekka gesels around the fire with much laughter. Saturday morning found everyone trying to guess the mystery activity we had planned. At 2pm everyone gathered and was told they would be making a kite. Everyone became excited, like kids again, as no one had built a kite since childhood. Everybody had lots of fun making the kites and especially trying to fly them. Poor Lesley was made to run up and down by Leighton to try and get the kite to fly. Unfortunately, as per the Premier Log, John’s Liverpool kite did not feature at all and Robbie’s Manchester United kite took flight and stayed ahead. Sunday evening being an extra night, we had snacks which everyone enjoyed and a wonderful time around the fire again
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L21 - Mountain Breeze Resort 6 th – 8 th November 2020

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It has been almost eight months since our last outspan at Bergriver, the pandemic has resulted in unprecedented times in the world and it is still not over. It has been a tough time for all of us with a few families actually contracting the virus but we are blessed that they all recovered. So with this new normal, 9 families braved the weather and the virus, and decided to camp this weekend, whilst observing the health protocols as best they can.
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