Laager 21 Khomeesdrift Outspan

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Laager 21 Khomeesdrift Outspan


Members started arriving from 1pm on the Friday at Khomeesdrift and much to our delight the grass was green and freshly cut. Everyone as they arrived, were eager to unpack and just needed to chill and relax as most of us were struggling to find our grove back at work after the Christmas holidays.

We had a Tippman gas gun display by Don. He displayed the range of the gun and the different kinds of ammunition it took. A few guys were very eager to try their hand at it using the trees for target practice. Needless to say, this earned Don the wooden spoon at Indaba. At “gesels vuur” we found ourselves with not a breath of wind and with no one having to dodge smoke. John and his guitar lead us into song with Leighton as choirmaster teaching us a song called “Lekker sing” After a catchy chorus we each had to do a rap about Khomeesdrift. After a few drinks and chillaxing, most people fell asleep at the fire side. Don was so relaxed with his glass of coke he dozed and almost fell off his chair.

Saturday morning we woke to a beautiful calm morning, a bit overcast but humid. A few of us went to Ou Meul for breakfast while others chilled at camp. Don’s piggy oven was introduced to everyone with oohs and aahs and 2 beautiful loaves of bread were baked in it later that evening.

We met at the dock of the bay at 6.00pm and dressed up for a group photo. The group was divided into those that would Lip sync and those that would sing along. We caused quite a stir as other campers were gathering in groups to observe the theatrical scenes. After our braai/potjie on the deck we settled down with our torches/lights and our bingo cards. Merlin did a great job at calling. Lesley was the lucky lady winning bingo prizes 3 times followed by Don who won twice. In the end, there were no more balls in the barrel to call but a few were still patiently waiting not realizing that they had past their long awaited chance to shout “Bingo”. In their defence, it was about 11pm at this stage and it was a long day.

After Indaba, a blustering wind and a few raindrops forced most of us to pack up early and make our way home. Choc and vanilla slab cake and coffee was enjoyed by everyone before heading home

Renee & Merlin Smith

Welcome to all for 2020 and hope that everyone will have many more happy camps this year!

Benny opened up in prayer and led us in Praise and Worship.

Attendees: Atkinson, Carelse, Jurgens, Murray, Pietersen, Shaw, Smith,

Apologies: Arulandu, Cable, De Kock, Gilbert, Hendricks, Labuschagne, Lawrence, Liederman, Manuel, Rogers, Saffier, Schwulst/Morris, Scholtz, Sinden, Simons, Vicars, White & Williams

Thanks to Renee & Merlin Smith for hosting. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the singalong and Bingo!

Marty was given to Renee & Merlin for hosting..

Congratulations to the following people on your birthdays!

Danie Labuschagne 4 Feb
Roland Carelse 5 Feb
Hilton Rogers 9 Feb
Leighton Shaw 10 Feb
Keith Arulandu 15 Feb
Keegan Arulandu 15 Feb
Nicole Scholtz 16 Feb
Rudy Atkinson 18 Feb
Cindy-Lee Williams 21 Feb
Hazel De Kock 24 Feb
Tamia Saffier 25 Feb

Upcoming Outspans:

Onrus 21st – 23rd Feb 2020
Bergriver (Combined) 13th – 15th Mar 2020
Members have PROVISIONALLY CONFIRMED, costs still to be advised by PC
Kombati 24th – 27th Apr 2020
Mountain Breeze 29th – 31st May 2020
Oostewal 26th – 28th June 2020
All camps and outspan dates will be confirmed once firm arrangements has been made.

Final orders to be sent to the Secretary by 31st January 2020, all members are encourage to purchase a standard blue top.

Please bring monthly items to camp or give a monetary donation – please indicate your name_charity when making the deposit for this.

Note of thanks was received from Turfhall Cheshire Home for the donations and gifts.

Notice received from the Provincial Chairman who received correspondence from the producers of Kom Ons Kamp, they are looking for participants to take part in the TV series – filming at Ou Skip 11 12th Feb and at Zonnekus 23 - 24th Feb and again 25 – 26th Feb. Please let the Secretary know if you are interested.

Tips for Campers
• Don demonstrated that the back cell phone cover can be used to protect the front of your phone as well.
• Don also advised that there is a good self defense weapon available on Takealot which can be used for
protection, it is marketed as a paintball weapon.

Members present inquired if we could have a spit braai. They indicated their willingness to pay towards the cost. It was agreed that we could consider this idea for the birthday party in July 2020.


Fines Master: – was Penny.
Monies for the fines will be collected at the next outspan by the Treasurer.

Ingrid: for showing off Don’s new toy “varkie” she bought him
Don, John, Roland & Leighton: for shooting Don’s gas gun into the trees and scaring off the birds
Ann, Ronald, Sandra & John: for waking us up so early talking about all kinds of doctor’s procedures
Ronald: for drinking out of a Rhino horn when he knows this is a protected species
Lesley: for winning most of the prizes at Bingo
John & Sandra: John didn’t listen to Sandra not to wear his sandals at the river and fell on his buttocks down the slippery bank
Benny: couldn’t find the light switch so Des had to ask Don to help

Don: for bringing a dangerous weapon to camp!

Remember folks the issue of fines is a fun event and all proceeds go to charity.

Get to Know Your Constitution – Part 6

Procedures for Appeal Against Disciplinary Action Being Taken By A Laager (Section 13B)

The member concerned in a disciplinary action has the right to appeal his/her punitive sanction if they feel it was unduly harsh or unwarranted. Such an appeal has to be made to the President’s Committee. This committee will then be known as the Appeals Committee and it will have the following powers:
• To allow or dismiss the appeal
• To alter or modify the original decision
• To order a re-hearing

An appeal hearing is not a rehearing. Only new evidence must be submitted, and this in conjunction with the minutes of the initial hearing, will be taken into consideration.

1. Should the member concerned wish to appeal, the following steps needs to be taken by the member:
1.1. Inform the Hearing Chairperson within one week that he/she wishes to appeal the decision.
1.2. Within two weeks of informing the Hearing Chairperson, the member concerned must inform the Appeals Committee and provide them with written reasons for the appeal.

2. The notice of appeal must contain the signature of the appellant (member concerned) and be supported by the signatures of at least a third of the members of the Laager.

3. An appeal fee of two hundred Rand (R200) must be payable to the National Treasurer for every appeal launched. Should the appellant’s appeal be successful this amount will be refunded to them.

4. The Hearing Chairperson will submit copies of the minutes of the hearing together with a copy of the sanction imposed, to the appeal authority.

5. On receipt of the written reasons for the appeal from the member concerned and the documentation from the Hearing Chairperson, the President will constitute a meeting of the Appeals Committee. The Appeals Committee will consider all documents submitted.

6. Should they deem it necessary, the Appeals Committee may call for additional information or clarification from those submitting the documentation.

7. The Appeals Committee will consider all the facts presented and consider whether the sanction imposed was fair and reasonable in their eyes.

8. Once a decision is made, the Appeal Committee will give written notification to the member concerned and the Hearing Committee.

9. The decision of the Appeals Committee is final and no further appeal is possible.


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L3 - Fish Eagle, Hermon

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Fish Eagle is a lovely camp site on a working farm. It is a wonderful campsite to form a laager and has lovely grass, no need for a groundsheet and sufficient have braai drums. There is a small swimming pool and the river for fishing. The ablutions were neat, clean and have a constant supply of hot water, toilet paper and hand soap and sanitizer. All members rated this camp as being one we will come back to soon.
Author Trekkers Outdoor Recreation Club
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L8 - Chapman's Peak Caravan Park 28th May 2021

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Chapman's Peak Caravan Park 28th May 2021 (AGM)Friday was a pleasant day although rain had been predicted, I was pleased to find Dawn andBrian were set up on the right hand side, as Rhia had warned me at reception, that a crowd wasexpected on the Left. Poor Leslie and Marieta had set up without chatting to Rhia and they wereon the left and had to move. Not that easy once everything is unpacked and settled.
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L21 - Ou Skip 21-23 May

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Friday dawned with the threat of rain, but once again we were blessed with wonderful weather for our AGM weekend. During the course of the day the families trickled in and by Friday evening the campfires were lit, and everyone gathered around and chatted into the early hours. On Saturday morning, some members opted for breakfast in the town, while Gen and her merry band of helpers started to prep for the evening meal.
Author Trekkers Outdoor Recreation Club
Impressions 150566

L15 - Inaugural Newsletter May 2021

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After much preparation and deliberation, the Inaugural outspan of Laager 15 finally made it to the realization of many outspans that will be held in the future. As mentioned previously, this was a vision come true and well supported by all who attended. Our very first outspan was notably held at De Hollandsche Molen, one of our most favorite parks in the Western Cape and highly recommended.
Author Trekkers Outdoor Recreation Club
Impressions 180595

L21 - KAMBATI CAMP 19th – 21st Mar 2021

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Some of the Laager members decided to have an extra long weekend and arrived at Kambati on Thursday. Friday morning saw the rest of the members arriving and by the evening everyone had arrived to enjoy a lekka gesels around the fire with much laughter. Saturday morning found everyone trying to guess the mystery activity we had planned. At 2pm everyone gathered and was told they would be making a kite. Everyone became excited, like kids again, as no one had built a kite since childhood. Everybody had lots of fun making the kites and especially trying to fly them. Poor Lesley was made to run up and down by Leighton to try and get the kite to fly. Unfortunately, as per the Premier Log, John’s Liverpool kite did not feature at all and Robbie’s Manchester United kite took flight and stayed ahead. Sunday evening being an extra night, we had snacks which everyone enjoyed and a wonderful time around the fire again
Author Trekkers Outdoor Recreation Club
Impressions 118381

L21 - Mountain Breeze Resort 6 th – 8 th November 2020

Club | News
It has been almost eight months since our last outspan at Bergriver, the pandemic has resulted in unprecedented times in the world and it is still not over. It has been a tough time for all of us with a few families actually contracting the virus but we are blessed that they all recovered. So with this new normal, 9 families braved the weather and the virus, and decided to camp this weekend, whilst observing the health protocols as best they can.
Author Trekkers Outdoor Recreation Club
Impressions 576331
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